Still in Shock

Friday night my older daughter told me she wanted to ride her bike with me on my run the next morning.  Let me remind you it has been months since she’s gone with me.  And even longer than that (if ever!) since she asked to go.  After pinching myself so hard it bruised, I told her sure, I would love for her to go with me.  She asked what time we would be heading out.  This is where I knew she would back out when I told her 5:30 AM.  But she didn’t!  She said okay!  This is the same girl who has been thoroughly enjoying her first week of summer vacation by staying up late and sleeping in daily.  Why did she want to get up so early to go with me?  Because she didn’t want anyone to see her riding her bike!  Ah ha!

So morning came as it always does, too early and too quickly.  I got up at 5:45 AM and looked outside to see what dawn had brought.  Nothing pretty.  Gray skies, wet group and only 44 degrees.  No way my lovely daughter was going to go out in that.  I took my time getting ready, brushing my teeth, feeding the cats.  And then I heard noises coming from her room.  OMG, she was up!  After the shock from the night before, this second shock about did me in!  Then she told me what I had been expecting to hear since she came up with this crazy idea.  She said she was tired, it was cold and wet and she was going back to bed.  Me, too!  Oh wait, I’m already awake and mostly ready.  Guess I will finish up and then head out.

And then…  and then!!  She appeared, dressed and ready to go.  I busted out laughing!  She thought I was laughing at her.  I wasn’t.  I was laughing at her outfit.  It was exactly like mine!  We had both emerged wearing a bright yellow, short sleeve shirt and black pants.  No way you could miss us out on the streets!

Or that car.  Look at all the colors on it!  And “stuff” glued all over it.  Pretty, pretty!  Or not.  To each his own, I suppose.

Our run/ride was great!  Especially when about halfway through she started whining wanting to be done.  I teased her about getting to ride while I ran the entire way.  But overall she did great!  I was glad for the company.  And this little guy doesn’t count.

The size of the snails here still amaze me!  Snails in the Midwest are nowhere near this large.  We saw a lot of them yesterday.  Guess they like the crappy weather more than my daughter does!


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