Late to This Party

Once again, I feel like I was the last to find out something!


Did you know Pandora has created twelve workout stations?!

“People have been asking for stations designed specifically to get their blood pumping during workouts. We created twelve great stations from various starting points across the music universe, everything from 80’s to country to hard rock, all geared toward giving people energizing music to listen to while they’re exercising.”

I just discovered them this morning when I googled “best Pandora station for running.” Β So far my favorites I have saved are:

  • 80’s Cardio
  • Alternative Endurance Training
  • Hard Rock Strength Training
  • Pop and Hip Hop Power Workout
  • Rap Strength Training

Do you listen to Pandora? Β Did you know about the new stations? Β Please tell me I’m not last!


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