Rears Handed to Us

This weekend my older daughter participated in a local softball tournament.  The field was just a couple of towns over, but her first game was at 8:00 AM.  That meant we had to arrive no later than 7:15 AM to warm-up.  And she insisted I make her a hot, nutritious breakfast!  It’s like she doesn’t know me at all.

Morning came early.  Like 5:45 AM early.  It’s not that I’m not use to seeing the sunrise, but it’s usually for my own selfish reasons.  Like going for a run all by myself!  But sometimes you have to take one for the team/family.

Either way, we arrived in time to send her off to find her team.  It was only 39 degrees outside and mostly cloudy.  Younger daughter and I decided there was no reason for us to leave the warm cocoon of the car until game time.  She came up with the great idea of leaning our front seats all the way back and watching a movie.

And I came up with the idea to put my feet up!

Soon enough, it was game time.  I should probably lead with the fact that my daughter’s team is a recreational team.   About half of the girls on the team have never played softball until this team started a few weeks ago.  My daughter has played since she was in kindergarten.  It’s hard for her because she loves her teammates and wants to be encouraging, but at the same time, she wants to win.  Most of the teams at this two-day tournament were competitive teams that travel.  It was a LONG weekend.

The first team we played traveled four hours to get here from California.  They were AWESOME!  Not only did they play well, they were great sports.  They could tell immediately there was no need to kill us with their skills.  Their coaches were very encouraging to our girls.  Was a pleasure to play them!

Our next game was immediately following the first.  That opposing team came all the way from Washington, five hours away.  Again, they were much more skilled than our girls.  They were nice about it for the most part, though they did steal a lot of unnecessary bases.  But I understand that was their choice.  And sadly, the girls on their team said a few unkind things to our girls.  Uncalled for!

After that game, we had a few hours to kill.  Instead of driving home, my girls and I grabbed a picnic lunch, a blanket and headed to the nearest park.  It was a perfect day for a picnic!  After eating, I laid down to watch the clouds go by.

And my girls played a few hand games.  Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack…

That is, until they realized I was taking their pictures!


Then it was time for a siesta!  My favorite time of the day.  Since we didn’t have any pillows, we made the best of it.

Sassy used me as her pillow and OMG Becky used her.  Me?  I had to make do with my own arm because my daughters are mean like that.

Then it was back to the park for another game.  And as luck would have it, another great team to play.  But they didn’t kill us as bad as the other teams.

Sunday was elimination day.  We got to play until we lost.  (Can you see where this is going?)

Our first game was at 8:00 AM again.  Same early rise and whine shine.  OMG Becky was not having the best morning.  She mentioned on the way there that this would be the first softball tournament that she hasn’t placed in the top 3.  But she understands either way, she has to play just as hard as always.  Her effort and attitude can impact the rest of the team.  They look to her as a leader and she is reluctantly accepting that role.

The first team that day was from our state, but still traveled 3.5 hours to get there.  They were great sports and gentle with our girls.  We were done by 9:00 AM and ready to head home.  I must say our girls, the coach and the parents on this team are awesome!  Everyone is so positive and willing to work hard and learn what this sport is all about.  I love the energy!


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