Lumpy Bed & Odd Socks

I was out of bananas today.  Oh the horror!  I had to make a few adjustments to my favorite sandwich (nut bread toasted, almond  butter and slice bananas).  I traded apple slices for bananas.  But this Gala was a bit tart.  So I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on top and drizzled a little honey.

It was great!  I will be making this again!

Then it was time for some real fun.  Real domestic fun, that is.  Wait a minute!  Is there such a thing?…  Anyway, it was time to see if I could make some happy sock reunions.  See, I told you.  Fun!

And when I don’t have a match, they go in here until the next sock reunion.

Of course, I couldn’t have this much fun without attracted unwanted attention.  Leo came to union me first.  But he thought it would be more fun under the covers.  (Why is it so hard to take a decent photo of a black cat?!)

Then Okie joined in.  He quickly realized the lump was Leo and had fun pouncing on him.

Tonight brought another softball game.  And rain showers.  And hail.  And wind.  Luckily, the rain and hail stopped within 10 minutes of the game starting.  The wind continued and was cold.  And that is why I keep a blanket and coat in my car during the softball season.

The girls did a great job but came up one run short in the end.  Sadness.  They tried so hard!

Do you have a bag of odd socks or am I the odd one?


3 thoughts on “Lumpy Bed & Odd Socks

  1. diana

    Being out of bananas is worst! But ur sandywich looks yummy!
    Let’s see I totaly do a monthy sock family reunion but mine are in the lost sock bucket..I really wonder where those socks go!!!
    My dog is similiar to your cat as she does not photo well…loves thelimelight but her face is so dark its hard to see her!
    Dig your blog!ill b round!

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