Track and Field Day

Last week all the 4th & 5th grade students from our school district participated in their annual Track & Field Day competition.   The weather was perfect!  I needed a jacket, but the kids were warm enough while working out.

There are five schools in our district.  Each school sported school shirts which made it really easy to cheer them on.  Our school was in the orange.

Each school had their own canopy set up to establish their “base camp.”  This is where the kids could gather in between their events to hang out, hydrate, rest and eat.

Of course, they had to warm up before starting.  Yes, my baby is a shorty.  There is only one kid shorter than her in her class and it’s a boy.  But I’m sure she will grow.  Someday.

My daughter is in 5th grade this year, so it was her second year competing.  Last year, she rocked it and got mostly 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in all events she competed in.  This year was another story, but we both had a blast!  As you can tell, she hates loves having her photo taken in front of her friends.

The softball throw was her first event.  She got 7th place out of 100+!

Shot put was next.  That baby got some air!  She got 7th there, also, but not as many girls competed in this event.

And then she ran the 400 meter.  She got 6th!

She also ran a relay, they got 6th.  And she ran the hurdles, getting 7th.  But she didn’t trip this year!  That’s an improvement over last year!

It was so fun to watch this event.  I’m sad that this is her last year.  I really hope she joins the middle school track team!

Did you run track in high school or college?  


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