Ring of Fire Hike

Yesterday we headed out to hike the tallest peak in our area to watch the annular solar eclipse.  The 2.5 mile hike up is mostly through woods and then a rocky top.

There was a forest fire up there about 10 years ago.  It’s kind of eerie to walk through there.

Can you see the Yeti?!  Just kidding.  It’s my friend.  He hikes much faster than I do.  I like to look around as I go.  For me it’s about the journey.  For him it’s about completing the task.  Boys!

When we got to the top right at the beginning of the eclipse (a little after 5:00 PM), we were surprised to discover we had the peak to ourselves!  That never happens.

Did I mention it rained on us most of the way up?  It actually felt really good.  But I’m glad I brought a jacket because it got chilly on top pretty quickly, especially as the moon started to move in front of the sun later.

Plus I have my armpit fat to keep me warm.  So pretty.

Our serenity didn’t last long.  The second people to arrive asked if we had brought the special glasses to safely watch the eclipse.  We didn’t.  They have been sold out around here for a while now.  Then they offered us an extra pair of their glasses.  Sweet!

Soon another dozen people made their way to the top.  Many brought picnic items, including wine!  It was pretty festive. And the view from the top is spectacular!

The lighting right before and after the eclipse were so cool to experience!

And finally, shortly after 6:20 PM, the annular eclipse happened!  And the ring of fire appeared!


Definitely worth the wait, the climb and the hype!

Where you able to view the eclipse from your location?


2 thoughts on “Ring of Fire Hike

  1. laurenzemens

    The “ring of fire” looks incredible! And can I just say I’d bd the one to bring wine, and not just 1 bottle. I’m jealous, I wish I had hiking trails like this near me!

    1. Whine Less Post author

      I don’t know what I was thinking just bringing water and a jacket! I should have packed a blanket, wine, bottle opener (one guy forgot his & had to borrow one!) and snacks. Next time!
      The hikes here are one of my favorite things about the area. Always something new!


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