Protect Your Dog’s Noggin

Yesterday I had to work an event that was a bit of a drive from my office.  Not that I minded with views like this.

The event was outside and the weather was perfect!  I was enjoying being outside, doing what I do.  And then the highlight of my day appeared!

There are no words.  I was immediately smitten and asked if I could take a photo.  I had to share with you!  For dogsake, she’s wearing a helmet!  And googles!  While riding in a pet carrier/backpack thing!  While on a bike!  I knew you would appreciate this sight as much as I did.

This dog was the calmest dog I have ever seen.  Seriously just hanging out.  No pun intended.   The dog owner said she has been “riding” with him since she was 9 months old.  And apparently when he first got the Outward Hound Backpack Pet Carrier, he wore it on his back, but puppy didn’t like that.  She wants to see where she’s going, not where she’s been!  Smart girl!

Last night we had a few deer visitors.  Nothing unusual about that.  They love our yard and hung out for a couple hours.  And this little guy didn’t mind having his photo taken at all.

The sunset cast some amazing colors on the mountains last night!

And that is where we hiked to earlier today to watch the solar eclipse.  More on that tomorrow!

What was the oddest thing you saw this weekend?


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