Friday Fit Fix

I’ve been slacking on my Friday Fit Fixes.  Time to remedy that!

  • Weight:  I’m down one pound this week.  Yeah!
  • WW:  Good week points wise.
  • Water:  Was great!
  • Green tea:  Had two cups most days.
  • Fruits & Vegetables:  Very good!  It’s always easy for me to get my fruits in.   Right now I’m on a roasted veggie kick.  Yummy stuff!
  • Coffee:  I didn’t buy it out once this week!
  • Running:  Two runs in this week.  Aiming for four next week.
  • Other Exercise:  Rode my bike one day.  Walked to work and back twice.
  • Fitness Classes:  Big zero.  I’m currently struggling with this one.  My girls have softball 5-7 nights a week.  Makes it hard to get to a class.  But I will keep trying!


It’s really too bad I can’t workout at work.  Talk about multi-tasking!

How was your fitness this week?


2 thoughts on “Friday Fit Fix

  1. cammiecam

    I did well fitness wise this week, finally getting back to a consistent schedule and better planned meals now that the semester is over. I’m sure with the weather getting warmer around these parts, I’ll be out more with my bike enjoying the spring and summer months. I’m sure you will as well. Good luck!


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