National Bike to School Day

Wednesday was National Bike to School Day!  Did you get your ride on?  I did!  I rode to school with my younger daughter.  Then we passed out incentives to all the students that rode their bikes to school as part of my workday.  So fun!  Great way to get over Hump Day!

Sweet photography skills!  And in case you are wondering, yes that is her favorite sweatshirt/jacket as evident by its many appearances here.  Orange was her favorite color the first 5 years of her life.  She even had an orange winter coat with a full hood that made her look like South Park’s Kenny!


Simply precious… but I digress.

Yesterday I got to spend most of the day outside.  Nothing makes me happier!  My group training for the 10K ran 3.5 miles with 7 sets of stadium stairs and 5 sets of lunges in the middle.  My calves and thighs all hate me today.

Then I got to work an outside event the rest of the morning.  Yes, please!  And finally last night, my younger daughter had a softball game.  Perfect day all around!  Except my body hating me part…

After school today, my old daughter suggested an ice cream treat.  So around the corner we went!  Sucks having such goodness so darn close.

French vanilla cones for the girls and iced chai for me.  Yummy!

I will leave you with this random photo.  For whatever reasons, none of which I claim to understand, many people here “decorate/personalize” their vehicles.  Enjoy!

Run Like a Grl is giving away a pair of Aspaeris Pivot Shorts here!

How did you cap off your Friday?


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