Happy Goodies

Unlike Monday Oops, today was filled with all sorts of happy goodies!

This morning I started a 10K training with a new running group at my gym.  Think we have 14 registered runners, but were a few short today.  It’s an 8-week class that meets a couple days a week.  And then we are to run two more days a week on our own.  We ran a 2.63 mile out and back course for our first day.  It seems to be a good group full of positive energy!  No pictures to share yet.  I didn’t want to be a photobug on the very first day!  We’ll let the cra-cra out soon enough.


After my run, I took my girls to school.  Another mom there commented on my running shirt.  It’s from Idiots Running Club.  IRC is a group a former classmate of mine started.  He’s an amazing, ultra trail runner!  Anyway, we started talking about her desire to start running.  I got all excited, telling her about the new training group!  She agreed to join and I was so excited for her.  And then she realized we run in the morning.  She thought I meant evening runs.  She can’t run in the mornings due to her family commitments.  Sad.  So I told her to check out Couch to 5K program.  I hope she tries it!  You can bet, I will be stalking her at the school to follow her progress.

After dropping off the girls, I came home to get a few things done before work.  I put together a new shelving unit for the garage and in the process found one of my favorite cookbooks!  Fix-It and Forget-It!

My mom gave me this cookbook several years ago.  I have made notes in the margins, rating each recipe as I tried it.  I thought I had lost it in the cross-country move.  I actually teared up today when I found it!  It was like finding an old friend.

At work this afternoon, an orange was my snack of choice.  I peeled it and opened it to find a lovely, little surprise!  Baby oranges!

Please tell me I’m not the only one to get excited to find smaller orange slices inside a bigger orange.  It’s like I having a second orange to eat!  *Please note taking a photo of my orange for you, resulted in sticky orange juice all over my camera phone.  You are welcome.

Tonight I went for a brisk walk just to enjoy being outside while my daughter was in her gymnatics class.  And what to my wondering eyse should appear?!  Some really cool trees!  It looks like six trees planted in a half circle.  But I don’t know if that is what happened or if it’s one tree that has somehow split.

And then I found another one!  But this cluster has seven trees and forms a complete circle.

Have you seen these trees before?  Tell me about them!

What’s your favorite cookbook?

What was your happy goody today?


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