Monday Oops

As previously mentioned on my About page, I don’t really cook.  Mainly because I get bored with it and am easily distracted.  Not a good personality trait when you’re dealing with open flames!

Case in point…  This morning I prepared my coffee cup with my usual creamer and sugar, then reached for the coffee pot.  As I poured it into my coffee cup, I noticed it was pretty weak coffee.  Almost clear…  Yep, I had made a pot of hot water.  My skills are undeniable, but what the heck happened to my coffee?!  I then opened the top of the coffee maker and realized I had apparently forgotten one of the four, simple steps to making coffee.

  1. Place cup carafe under drip.  Check!
  2. Fill water reservoir.  Check!
  3. Insert filter.  Check!
  4. Place coffee grinds in filter.  Oops!  I must have been distracted by something shiny.

I am currently waiting for the coffee pot to finishing brewing a second time.  I hope your Monday started better than mine!


What was your last Monday morning oops?


8 thoughts on “Monday Oops

  1. Robyn P.

    I hate when that happens…I even had my filter to some how fold over during the brewing process which meant as I poured my coffee my thoughts were “where is that dirt coming from? LOL! Happy Monday!

    1. Whine Less Post author

      The fold-over happens to me about once ever other week. Because I’m that special. Hate when I don’t notice it until almost the bottom of the cup when I end up with grounds in my mouth. Yuck!
      Happy Oops-Free Monday to you!

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Clean slate is always good!
      I won’t crush your mellow by telling you how I had to make a third pot of coffee because I decided I hate the new creamer I used. Fat-free, but tastes like crap!
      Or how once I got to work this morning, I broke the strap on my favorite wedge sandals. Yes, the same sandals that caused my embarrassing fall last week!
      Nope, I’m not going to tell you any of that…

  2. krisranhere

    That’s why I set my coffeemaker before I go to bed. Who can think straight that early in the morning?? Not this girl. Hope the rest of your week runs smoothly 😉

    1. Whine Less Post author

      Thanks Kris! Sadly, I did set up this oops last night. Just didn’t know it until this morning. Can you imagine what I would end up with trying to make coffee upon waking up!

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