Just Call Me Grace

So apparently among other things, I suck at walking. Today I had a few minutes before a noon appointment.  I decided to stop at a local feed store in our busy shopping district to pick up kitty food.  As I stepped off the curb, my wedge heel betrayed me and down I fell.

Into the street.

Landing on all fours.

In a skirt.

A skirt that is no longer covering my rear end as I rise up.

Classy lady, yes I am!

My thoughts during my fall from grace:

  1. Sh!t
  2. Stupid shoe!
  3. This is gonna hurt.
  4. Everything hurts!
  5. OMG!  Who saw this?
  6. Please don’t let it be anyone I know.
  7. At the very least, not a cute guy.
  8. Ow, my hands and knees.
  9. Get up.
  10. GET UP!
  11. Why the heck is my skirt up?!
  12. Oh good lord, I’m flashing the entire town on their lunch break.
  13. Put my knees together!!

The culprit for this fall?  My wedge sandal.  The strap going around the back of my foot seems to have stretched making the shoe a bit loose on my foot.  Darn you wedge sandal!

My right knee took the brunt of the fall.

It’s now swollen and throbbing.  Lovely.  Here’s hoping the Advil and ice pack I’m sporting will help.

And then there is this…

I chipped the pretty, pink polish on my big toe!  Total sadness.  This pedicure is barely a week old!  Is it wrong that the first person I contacted after falling down was my nail tech to fix this catastrophe ASAP?

What was the last unintentional, embarrassing thing that happened to you in public?


One thought on “Just Call Me Grace

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