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If It Weren’t for Bad Luck

I’d have no luck at all.  Do you remember that song?!  My dad used to watch that show every week.  That could be the reason I’m not a huge fan of country music…

The past week has been a mixture of luck, both good and bad.

Let’s start with the bad and get it out of the way.  Shall we?

Bad:  Thursday after school, my younger daughter called to tell me she couldn’t get her bike lock open at school.  She had to leave the bike and walk home.  I went up to the school later that night with the other key to the lock.  No go.  Crud.  Poor little bike had to spend the night at school all alone.  And of course, it had to rain that night.  Of course!  Friday morning (and still raining!), I went back up to the school with WD-40.  It fixes everything, right?!  I sprayed a little in the lock chamber, hoping to get things moving.  Nope.  Grrr!  I came home and called the bike chain company.  They had no suggestions, but offered to send me a new chain if I had to cut the other one off.  Guess what I did?

Yep, I cut it off.  It had taken up enough of my time and the lock showed no sign of budging.

Bad:  Thursday night, younger daughter had a softball game.  It was raining.  HARD downpour.  We thought they might cancel that game, but there wasn’t any thunder or lightening so game on.  The one saving grace?  The fields we played at offered close parking.  Guess what I did?

I watched from the dry comfort of my car.  Don’t worry, I made sure to cheer a lot with my arms so my daughter could see I was paying attention.  Mom of the Year nominee right here!

Bad:  Saturday as we went outside to work on our planters, my older daughter came out the door behind me.  As she pulled the door shut, she immediately said, “Uh oh!”  “What?  What happened?!”  Out of habit, she had locked the door behind her.  My keys?  In my purse.  In the house.  Fine, I’ll just call my landlord.  Oh wait.  My phone is in the house, too.  Crap!  Luckily, my landlord only lives about 1/2 mile away.  I sent my daughter over to see if they were home.  Good luck with that since it was a holiday weekend, but I was hoping for the best!  Guess what?!  They were home!  And they delivered a spare key and my daughter back to me.  And a gardening we went!

Bad:  Today I was suppose to get up early enough to make a “nutritious breakfast” for my younger daughter.  (She’s going on a hike overnight field trip with her school until Friday.)  And don’t worry, I was going to let my other daughter eat, too.  Well, I kind of forgot to set my alarm for an early time.  Oops!  As soon as she got up, my daughter asked me what I was making.  Crap.  I was only halfway done with my hair at that point.  (I was straightening my wavy hair.)  So I quickly made them their requested breakfast.  And then it was time to go!  I had to drive them today because my daughter had all her camping gear.  Great.  My half done hair got to go to school!

Another craptastic photo!  You’re welcome.  But I think you can see, half straight (left side), half wavy (right side) = whole lot of lovely.  And of course, I saw parents I knew as they were dropping off their kids, too.  I’m sure they were wondering about me and my new look.  I guess I can tell them it’s Bieber inspired…

And now, finally!

Good:  I won something!  Crazy Running Girl hosted a giveaway for a CLICK Espresso Protein Drink Starter Pack.

And I was the winner!  I won a CLICK Espresso Protein Drink, Mocha and a CLICK Espresso Protein Drink Shaker Cup.  My goodies arrived yesterday and I have already been enjoying the shakes.  So good!  Tomorrow I’m going to try it in a smoothie.  Thank you, Lora!

What’s the Good & Bad luck you’ve had lately?


Today I Say Thank You

To every soldier who has made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure all of our freedoms will continue, thank you.


To my father, my uncles, my grandfather, my cousins, my daughters’ brother, my friends and all the many other soldiers and veterans, thank you for your service yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend

First off, what do you think of the new theme?  Like it, hate it?  I really like it, but you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t.  Unless you’re really mean about it…  😉

And now on to the weekend!  I had two of the three days off.  Not in a row, but I’ll take them!  Especially knowing I have four events next weekend.  Ugh.  But let’s focus on the positive of the here and now, shall we.

It’s been a quiet holiday for us.  Just the way I like it!

Friday night I went to dinner with a friend.  The restaurant is located on the second floor of the building with some pretty nice views of the surrounding mountains.  We’ve been to the particular restaurant before but only for drinks on the outdoor patios.

My favorite is this front patio, but it was raining that night so we had to sit inside.  They also have a lovely, larger back patio but it’s more secluded.

We had heard rave reviews about their appetizer Macaroni and Cheese.  “Our infamous macaroni:  Jumbo noodles in an Oregon Tillamook white cheddar sauce, topped with a crunchy Parmesan crust and fresh parsley.”  The reviews were right, this dish was amazing!  My friend ordered the Capellini d’Mediterranean with chicken.  “Angel hair pasta tossed with kalamata olives, spinach, and tomatoes in a white wine garlic sauce topped with feta.”  I almost ordered that dish but decided I could take a taste of his before he mixed the chicken in.  It was pretty yummy, too!  I ordered a 7″ Santa Rosa pizza.  “Feta, sun-dried tomato, garlic, mozzarella, and ground black pepper.”  I was not impressed.  I didn’t care for the crust and the toppings were sparse.  Next time I will order the mac & cheese as my dinner entrée!

(Sorry no pics of the food, it was a dark atmosphere and all the photos I took reflected that.)

And did you notice anything in the photo above?  There is snow in the mountains again!  It snowed Wednesday-Friday up there.

That is the same peak we just hiked last weekend to watch the eclipse.  Trust me, that hike would not have happened if the snow had been up there then.  I am not a fan of hiking in the snow.  I don’t like to be cold.  I also don’t like to be really hot.  It makes me crabby.  Yes, another reason I’m a joy to be around.

Saturday morning I met a friend for coffee (chai tea for me actually) at one of my favorite coffee shops.  This picture doesn’t reflect all the people who were there.  I wanted to show you the place without freaking everyone out by taking their photo.    This was the only spot not occupied.

I like this place because it has great coffee, fresh food, comfy seating, high ceilings, and is a cool hexagon shape, offering great views.  And it’s only a few blocks from my house, which is a plus and a minus!

Saturday afternoon was spent at local greenhouses shopping for flowers for our planters.  We bought the planters a couple of months ago before they got picked over.  We wanted to spruce up the front of our house.  It’s a rental so we can’t paint or do anything drastic like that.  But flowers we can do!  We already have over 40 rose bushes around the white picket fence in our front yard, but we wanted color up against the house.

And color we got!  The flowers are looking perkier even now, just two days later.  I think they like their new home.

And there may have been a stop for froyo that afternoon.  And I may have had Thin Mint Cookie, New York Cheesecake, Mountain Blackberry and Peanut Butter froyo flavors in mine topped with cappuccino crunch bits, Heath bar pieces, sliced almonds, granola and shredded coconut with an orange spoon.  Again, I say may have.  I’m not confessing to nothin’!

Sunday I had to work a few hours.  Then my younger daughter went to a friend’s house for a sleepover.  Leaving me home alone with my older daughter.  We went shopping for the third time in search of her 8th grade graduation dress.  And we finally found something!


She wanted something that said “spring”.  Do you think we made the right choice?

Just kidding.  She found a cute sundress with a white, purple and black floral print.  But I can’t show you the dress until graduation.  I will say I am glad to have the dress hunt over.  Good lord, 14-year-old girls can be exhausting when it comes to finding the “perfect dress!”  Who am I kidding, they exhausting it many other ways, too.

Then last night we had a movie night.  She picked out “One for the Money.”


Have you seen it?  It wasn’t bad.  Not my favorite movie but pretty entertaining.  And it didn’t hurt to have these two in there either…


Jason O’Mara and Daniel Sunjata?  Yes, please and thank you!

This morning I slept in until 9:00 AM!  Woot!  And now I are having a quiet morning with coffee and cutting coupons.

I have to pick up my younger daughter in a couple of hours.  I understand she and her friend are trying to make some summer spending money by having a lemonade stand right now.  Better her mom than me!

Late,r one daughter has softball practice.  And I need to get a run in. Today is the first day of  the first ever Runner’s World Summer Running Streak 2012!  To participate, you just have to run at least one mile daily starting Memorial Day and ending on the Fourth of July.  My girls and I are going to do it together.  I’ll let you know our progress!

What do you think of the new theme?

Are you still getting snow in your area?  We usually have a few late spring snow showers in the mountains around us.  I remember getting snow the first week of June last year.  Of course, my older daughter was on an 3-day, overnight school trip on that mountain at the time.  They cut the trip in half due to hail.

Any spring planting happening in your house?

Did froyo MAYBE happen to you this weekend?

Are you a coupon clipper?  I’m not hard-core.  I’ll never be featuring on a TLC show, but I like to save where I can without spending hours hunting for the coupons.

Are you participating in the RW Summer Running Streak?

Man in My Room

The weekend before last I woke up scared half to death.  What woke me?  A man’s voice.  A man’s voice in my bedroom!  I sat straight up in bed convinced there was a man in my bedroom.  Then the voice came again!  There was no man in my bedroom.  (Not that I would be complaining about a man in my room.  Yahoo!  But usually I know about his presence before waking up!  I’m just saying…)

So where was the voice coming from?!  Then I realized the voice was coming from the high school track PA system next door.  They were testing it for the track meet scheduled that day.  Ugh!  Not how I wanted to wake up.

Shortly after that, I realized the neighbors behind me where setting up for something in their back yard.  What could it be?  (I am such the neighbor stalker!  Aren’t you glad you don’t live next to me?)

An outdoor concert!  Mr. Neighbor is a music teacher.  All of his students and their families arrived at noon for a BBQ and to show off their newly acquired skills.  At first I was a little nervous about what torture to my ears was about to occur.  (Both my daughters play violin.  I know what I’m talking about here!)

But it turned out great!  The kids played instruments and sang for close to two hours.  It was such a great afternoon watching the track meet and listening to live music!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~

Last week my younger daughter had her annual gymnastics spring show.  Each student got to showcase several gymnastics maneuvers including cartwheels, handstands, balance beam, vault and bars with their class all at the same time.  It was a bit chaotic!

And my point and shoot camera took almost all blurry photos again.  This is the only decent shot I could get of her on the mats.  Hate you camera!

She’s in the back row, far right, in the green.

And then it was time for medals and another blurry photo (I swear my camera phone takes better photos)!  A year’s worth of gymnastics fees and she gets a medal.  That sounds about right…

Just kidding.  She loves gymnastics and is pretty good at it.  So I pay and she plays.  Priceless.

Do you get “free” entertainment at home?

Track and Field Day

Last week all the 4th & 5th grade students from our school district participated in their annual Track & Field Day competition.   The weather was perfect!  I needed a jacket, but the kids were warm enough while working out.

There are five schools in our district.  Each school sported school shirts which made it really easy to cheer them on.  Our school was in the orange.

Each school had their own canopy set up to establish their “base camp.”  This is where the kids could gather in between their events to hang out, hydrate, rest and eat.

Of course, they had to warm up before starting.  Yes, my baby is a shorty.  There is only one kid shorter than her in her class and it’s a boy.  But I’m sure she will grow.  Someday.

My daughter is in 5th grade this year, so it was her second year competing.  Last year, she rocked it and got mostly 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in all events she competed in.  This year was another story, but we both had a blast!  As you can tell, she hates loves having her photo taken in front of her friends.

The softball throw was her first event.  She got 7th place out of 100+!

Shot put was next.  That baby got some air!  She got 7th there, also, but not as many girls competed in this event.

And then she ran the 400 meter.  She got 6th!

She also ran a relay, they got 6th.  And she ran the hurdles, getting 7th.  But she didn’t trip this year!  That’s an improvement over last year!

It was so fun to watch this event.  I’m sad that this is her last year.  I really hope she joins the middle school track team!

Did you run track in high school or college?  

Ring of Fire Hike

Yesterday we headed out to hike the tallest peak in our area to watch the annular solar eclipse.  The 2.5 mile hike up is mostly through woods and then a rocky top.

There was a forest fire up there about 10 years ago.  It’s kind of eerie to walk through there.

Can you see the Yeti?!  Just kidding.  It’s my friend.  He hikes much faster than I do.  I like to look around as I go.  For me it’s about the journey.  For him it’s about completing the task.  Boys!

When we got to the top right at the beginning of the eclipse (a little after 5:00 PM), we were surprised to discover we had the peak to ourselves!  That never happens.

Did I mention it rained on us most of the way up?  It actually felt really good.  But I’m glad I brought a jacket because it got chilly on top pretty quickly, especially as the moon started to move in front of the sun later.

Plus I have my armpit fat to keep me warm.  So pretty.

Our serenity didn’t last long.  The second people to arrive asked if we had brought the special glasses to safely watch the eclipse.  We didn’t.  They have been sold out around here for a while now.  Then they offered us an extra pair of their glasses.  Sweet!

Soon another dozen people made their way to the top.  Many brought picnic items, including wine!  It was pretty festive. And the view from the top is spectacular!

The lighting right before and after the eclipse were so cool to experience!

And finally, shortly after 6:20 PM, the annular eclipse happened!  And the ring of fire appeared!


Definitely worth the wait, the climb and the hype!

Where you able to view the eclipse from your location?

Protect Your Dog’s Noggin

Yesterday I had to work an event that was a bit of a drive from my office.  Not that I minded with views like this.

The event was outside and the weather was perfect!  I was enjoying being outside, doing what I do.  And then the highlight of my day appeared!

There are no words.  I was immediately smitten and asked if I could take a photo.  I had to share with you!  For dogsake, she’s wearing a helmet!  And googles!  While riding in a pet carrier/backpack thing!  While on a bike!  I knew you would appreciate this sight as much as I did.

This dog was the calmest dog I have ever seen.  Seriously just hanging out.  No pun intended.   The dog owner said she has been “riding” with him since she was 9 months old.  And apparently when he first got the Outward Hound Backpack Pet Carrier, he wore it on his back, but puppy didn’t like that.  She wants to see where she’s going, not where she’s been!  Smart girl!

Last night we had a few deer visitors.  Nothing unusual about that.  They love our yard and hung out for a couple hours.  And this little guy didn’t mind having his photo taken at all.

The sunset cast some amazing colors on the mountains last night!

And that is where we hiked to earlier today to watch the solar eclipse.  More on that tomorrow!

What was the oddest thing you saw this weekend?