No More Farting Around

It is beyond time for me to kick this body into something worthy of being seen in public.  Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but good gracious, I either need to do something quick or buy a whole new wardrobe.  And the latter is not happening!  Do you hear me fat cells?!  Time to say adios!


I have a friend that wants to lose weight and work out on a more regular basis.  Both of us would like to lose about 20% of our current weight.  While discussing our disgust on a hike Tuesday night a challenge was born!  We started by weighing in yesterday.  From here on out, we will weigh in every Friday (starting next week).  The one of us that loses the largest percentage will be declared the winner and loser non-winner will have to get them a little surprise of some kind that weekend.  I love surprises!


So I am going to try really hard to watch what I am eating instead of just eating on the run.  I have been doing way too much of that lately.  My crazy schedule cannot be allowed to dictate my eating habits any longer!  I WILL plan ahead.

Yesterday was the first day of the challenge.  I did really well with my eating, but I didn’t get a workout in.  That needs to happen!  Today I have already gone for a short, miserable run in the cold rain.  I’m still trying to thaw from that.  But I did it!  And my bag of snacks is already packed for the day.  I think I’m ready!

Plus, I don’t want to lose the challenge.  Not even one single week.

What motivates you to eat healthy and work out?


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