Worst Race Photo. Ever.

I have been running with a group leading up to a race at my gym.  There has been a reporter following our progress.  She found me about halfway through the race and asked if she could find me after I finished and talk to me about the race and get some pictures.  She has taken photos of us before with her little point and shoot camera.  Told her sure as I panted along.

The last 0.2 mile of the race, I started sprinting toward the finish line hard.  Somewhere in that last part of the race, a photographer with a huge camera jumps out and I heard a series of clicks.  I prayed he was taking photos of someone else!  I finish the race, the reporter is there, we chat and then the same photographer walks up to us and says he already got some great shots of me.  OH MY LORD, NOOOO!  Reporter tells me the story will be online Sunday.  Let the praying begin…

Yesterday morning as soon as I got up, I checked the newspaper online.  See a photo of two gals looking adorable in their colorful tutus at the START of the race.  I read the story, it includes my interview mentioning my training, etc.  All good stuff!  No photo of me, thank heavens!  Then as I’m starting to click out of the page, I notice in the corner of the cute girls photo, it says “1 of 2” with an arrow.  Oh, please no, no, don’t let it be…

I click the arrow and take the loudest, most horrified gasp EVER!  It was my worst nightmare of a photo!  An extreme close-up of me right before the end of the race, my face beet red and puffy.  So bad.  So very, very bad.  I began to sooth myself, thinking no one would ever click to that next photo.  I mean really, who reads the paper online?!

I thought that was the end of it.  And then I arrived at work today.  And EVERYONE had seen the photo.  What?  Why?  How did this happen?!  They showed my the paper copy of the newspaper from yesterday.  Yep, there I was, in print for the entire valley to see.  I began desperately searching for a page number, thinking maybe the photo was hidden in the depths of the sports section.  OMG, NO!!

This photo, this image of me that may very well mean I will be alone forever now, was ON THE FRONT PAGE of the SUNDAY PAPER!

Shoot me now.

I mean seriously!  Is this my “race face?”  Oh holy heck!  If so, I should give up running right now.

And then a friend’s mom gave her the paper to give to me in case I wanted another copy of it!  Why?  Why would I ever want another copy of it?!  Maybe to start the biggest bonfire this side of the Rocky Mountains!  But I have no plans for that in the immediate future.  Or dating for that matter.  I will be single forever thanks to that darn photo!  Instead I’m just gonna spend the next few months under a rock.  Bah.


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