5K Pear Blossom Run

Yesterday started way too early for me!  I had signed up to run a 5K with a 7:00 AM start time.   The run is part of a larger festival, The Pear Blossom.  The 3-day  festival includes the race, a street fair, pageants, parade and food & wine stroll.  After signing up for the race, I learned I would be working part of the festival.  That meant getting to the location even earlier to set up

The run itself started in 1977.  There is a group of seven individuals listed in the program that have run this race every single year since it started!  The race has really grown over the years and now includes a 10 mile, 5K, 2 mile and 1 mile races.  This is a family event!  Strollers are allowed in all races except the 10 mile.  There were 1400+ competitors in the 10 mile and 1700+ competitors in the 5K.  I haven’t seen numbers for the 1 mile or 2 mile yet.

It was a pretty crowded start!

It was an out and back route.  There wasn’t a lot of crowd support along the way, other than at the start/finish line.  And for the most part, that crowd was pretty quite except for the occasion clapping.  I did hear a name yelled here and there.  This couple was adorable!

They were sitting on their front lawn all bundled up with a sign reading, “You Can Do It!”  Loved the support!  Sorry for the bad photo.  I’ve come to the realization my camera does not take clear photos when I am in motion.  Gah.  Must get a new one soon.

The finish area of the race felt pretty tight.  People were elbow to elbow in there.  They offered bananas (under the black canopy) and a beverage station (Pepsi truck).  There were a few drinks to choose from including Propel Zero, Gatorade, Aquafina, and SoBe.  I know I walked by the green canopy but don’t remember what was under it.  Must not have been anything too wonderful!

I didn’t see them, but I heard there were massages being offered somewhere in the area.

I did see these as I left the race area…

Sparkle Skirts!  I want one!

After the race, I had to get back to work.  I was so excited to see a booth next to mine had set up while I was gone.  Why so happy?  Because they were handing out one of my favorite things.  Chocolate!

Danigold Refuel, rich chocolate protein milk.  Yes, please!  I hadn’t seen this drink before, but I really enjoyed it.

And then it was time to stretch.

And apparently time for my girls to take extreme close-ups of me.

And stuff my pockets with my phone, keys and iPod.  Nice.  Don’t worry, I didn’t run like that.  I ran with my camera and my iPod in my hands, of course!

Heaven forbid I put my hard-earned banana down for a moment.  Darn kids might steal it or something!

Hurts so good?  More like, “Stop taking my picture already!”

Did you have a race this weekend?  How was it?

Have you tried the Danigold Refuel?  Did you like it?


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