Play Ball!

Today was the official start of our Little League season.  And with that comes the Opening Day Ceremony!

How small town America is that?!

Everyone gathers at 8:30 AM with their teams before the ceremony.  My younger daughter’s team colors are red, white & … pink!  With a little tie-dye throw in on their undershirts and socks.  It’s eye bleeding catching!

It was cold!  Like see-your-breath-in-front-of-your-face cold!  Not a fan of that.  At 9:00 AM all the teams piled onto the field to be introduced.  Two softball teams and eighteen baseball teams.

The director of athletics gave a great speech about letting kids be kids and enjoying sports.  He said the two reasons kids quit are bad coaches and the car ride home.  Parents aren’t to initiate conversations about what went wrong on the field.  We are to support them, pick them up, dust them off and send them back out there to play.  Team sports are a great learning experience for life, if we allow it to be.  And the best part, parents are not to live through their kids!  Our egos should not come from them.  No one ever says, “Wow, that kid is a great thrower/batter/pitcher.  I bet his dad is awesome!”  No.  They say, “The kid is a great team player.  She’s so encouraging to others.  She must have good, supportive parents.”  So true!  And what a great message to deliver at the start of the season.

One of Sassy’s teammates was chosen to sing the national anthem.  (Flag was at the end of the third base foul line.)  She did a beautiful job!

And then came the first pitch!

It was thrown out by a gentleman who has been a part of this league as a coach, volunteer and support for 17 years.  He nailed it!

All in all, it was a great morning!  I loved the feeling of tradition that went into this ceremony.

Did you play softball/baseball as a child?  I played softball from 4th – 12th grade.  Loved it!  And I’m so happy my girls do, too!

Do your children play softball/baseball?  Do they have an Opening Day Ceremony?


2 thoughts on “Play Ball!

    1. Whine Less Post author

      I never played soccer. My youngest daughter played for a couple years when she was 4 & 5. I was the assistant coach. I really enjoyed it!


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