Penguins, Pie & Pancakes

My daughter, Sassy turned 11 last week.  She wanted to have a couple of friends spend the night versus a bigger party for just a few hours.

Presents!  Yes, that is Christmas wrapping paper, but in my defense, she loves penguins.

Birthday pie!  Key Lime pie is her favorite.  She decided that is what she wanted instead of a cake.  So pie it was with a side of Birthday Cake ice cream!

Pajamas on, waiting for popcorn, watching a movie.

Pillow pile!  Luckily, they were pretty quiet most of the night and only woke me up a few times.

The next morning I made them peanut butter, banana pancakes.  They ate no less than three each!

When was the last slumber party you were a part of?


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