Lucky Charms

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ve had a full day so far.  Went to yoga class this morning.  This was my first time ever going to this Saturday morning class.  I have worked every Saturday since moving to Oregon!  I really enjoyed the teacher.  And I think others must like her too because the class was packed with wall to wall mats.

After showering, I took Sassy shopping for a birthday gift to give to a friend, dropped her off at that party, picked up OMG Becky, hit a few stores looking for a few pieces of furniture we want, farmer’s market (got bananas, honey, red potatoes, pistachios & three kinds of apples!), pizza for dinner, three large planters for the front of the house and a 6′ potted palm for the back deck.  Think we have spring fever!

And now we are getting ready for a slumber party my daughter is hosting tonight.  Should be fun!  And hopefully they all drop from a sugar coma before midnight.


Sounds about right…

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?  


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