Christmas Has Arrived

BicBands was having a February Sale.  Buy any three bands and they would send you a free (imperfect) band.  I have heard from many other bloggers their love for these headbands.  This sale was the little push I needed to finally try them out.

I purchased three Minnie bands in Peacock, Gunmetal and Purple.  All in sparkle, of course, because very girl needs a little sparkle in her life!  I’ve been impatiently waiting for my headbands to arrive.  And today they did!  Finding the package in the mailbox was like finding a gift from Santa on Christmas morning.  I couldn’t wait to tear it open and see what my free headband would be!…

A Minnie in Sparkle Green  = me a happy girl!!  I cannot wait to try one of these lovelies out tomorrow!

In other lovely news, one of my favorite stores is having a huge, two-week sale.  I bought myself a new insulated, lunch bag.

Fabulous, indeed!

What gift have you bought for yourself lately?


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