Sock Rodeo Champion

I found a pair of younger daughter, Sassy’s, socks on the couch this morning.  I was afraid they would get swallowed by the couch crack so I grabbed them and tossed them on the floor.  You know, because I can’t put them away for my daughter.  She has to learn to pick up after herself.  Her future husband will thank me.  Any who, one of the socks didn’t actually land on the floor.

It landed on Jasper!  Silly cat didn’t even care.  He was cleaning himself and didn’t flinch a muscle.  I had time to go get my cell phone with its craptastic camera to try to get a photo.  I took one.  It was way too dark.  So I turned on a lamp.  Photo still too dark.  This entire time Jasper continues to clean himself.  Totally unconcerned about the sock on his back!   I then pulled back a curtain to let in more light as I took this photo.  Only then did he turn to see what I was doing.  I finally just took the sock off of him.  I think he probably would have let it ride around on him until it fell off.  Because he’s chill like that.

Sock Cowboy for the win!

~ * ~ * ~* ~ *~ *~ * ~

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