Greek Yogurt

I am trying to love it, I really am.  I have had it twice now.  The first time I had an Athenos peach.  It was okay, but nothing I would crave to have again.  Today I had an Open Nature honey.

I did not like it.  At all.

So what’s the deal?  Am I going to find a brand/flavor I like?  Or should I just give it up all ready?  Do you love it or hate it?

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It was another fun weather day today.   My morning commute looked like this…

Gray, wet and snowing.

And then the snow stopped.  The clouds parted.  The sun came out.  The sky turned blue.  And the temperature started to rise!  All resulting in this evening commute…


7 thoughts on “Greek Yogurt

  1. w.s.

    Oh my….Fage brand greek yogurt is far and away the best! You will be a believer after trying it. There are different “flavors” (it comes plain with fruit or honey on the side). My favorites are strawberry and honey. Try it!

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