Friday Fit Fix

Friday Fit Fix on a Sunday.  Are you noticing a trend here?

  • Weight:  I lost 0.5 lbs. this week.  I’m not super excited about that number, but I am happy it’s a loss.
  • WW:  Didn’t go over my points all week!
  • Water:  Got it all in.
  • Green tea:  Had at least a cup six days this week.
  • Fruits & Vegetables:  Not as good as I would have liked, but not bad at all.
  • Coffee:  I only bought coffee out once this week, but I used a gift card to pay for most of its cost.  Woot!
  • Running:  I managed to get three runs in this week before my hip deserted me.


  • Fitness Classes:  Made it to yoga once this week.  That number needs to improve.

How was your fitness this week?


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