Frozen Peas in My Pants

Monday evening after running, I started having a lot of pain in my right hip.  I wasn’t sure what I did, no events during the run itself, I just knew it hurt.  The pain was still there on Tuesday, no run for me.  Yesterday it was better, but still achy.  No run for me.  Very sad indeed since the weather was finally beautiful and clear out!

Today the pain was gone!  I was super excited to get out and stretch my legs.  But as it happened, my legs didn’t want to be stretched.  Boo woo.  The pain started in immediately but I thought I would keep going and see if it would work itself out.  Nope.  Only made it a little over a mile before I had to stop.  The pain was crazy.  I limped back home trying not to cry.  I was frustrated with myself and my lame body.

I came home and did a little online search.  Google is my friend.  It appears the problem may be hip bursitis.  And it appears I am not alone.

Yoga seems to be helpful in this situation.  At least I can do that.  So yoga it is until this pain goes away.  Like I need an excuse to go to yoga.


And massage!  It says massage may be helpful.!  But I will let my running hips rest for a while longer and hope this is the last appearance of this injury.  And at this moment that rest includes frozen peas in my pants on my hip.  Winning.

Have you ever experienced hip bursitis?  What helped?


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