Friday Fit Fix

I know it’s not Friday, but let’s just pretend for a moment, please?  Ok, then…

This week was much better!

  • Weight:  I lost 1.5 lbs. this week.  Not a huge number, but I will take it!


  • WW:  Stayed within my points.
  • Water:  Intake was awesome!  I’m sure my skin and organs are happy.
  • Fruits & Vegetables:  Better than usual.
  • Coffee:  Bought coffee out twice.  The last time may very well be my last afternoon coffee purchase ever.
  • Running:  I got two runs in this week!  I’m pretty happy with that number due to the winter storms pounding the Pacific Northwest and the small fact that I haven’t tried running on a dreadmill yet.
  • Fitness Classes:  Yoga and Pilates.  Pilates was awesome!  For half the class we did Standing Pilates with a stick/pole for balance.  Loved it!  I will definitely try to make it to this class every week.

And I have decided to add another goal to my list.  I want to start having a cup of green tea everyday.  Last week I had it 4 days.

Overall a good week!  And now on to the next one.

What was your Fit Fix this week?

Have you tried Standing Pilates before?  What did you think?


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