New Way to Curl Your Hair

My younger daughter has always been an energetic spirit.  Last night she approached me with this…

Now keep in mind, this is not the first time she has done something so “fun” to her own hair.  It started with her cutting it in kindergarten class.  Then she did it a second time and lost scissor privileges at school!  Most recently was a few months ago.  She whacked off a chunk on top towards the back.  She has lovely Alfalfa sprouts that are finally growing out.

I asked her how she managed to get the comb so tangled in her hair.  Her answer?  She was trying to “curl” her hair with the comb.  ???  I asked her if she had ever seen me or her older sister (3 years older) curl our hair with a comb.  No, she had not.  So I’m not sure where in the world she got the idea to try this!

I tried picking the hairs out with my fingers.  No go.  Then I pouring detangling spray directly on the hair mass, letting it sit, then tugging gently on the hair.  Nope.  Next I tried sorting the tangle with tweezers one hair at a time.  Nada.

Out came the scissors.  I had to carefully cut the hairs away and pull on the comb, little by little until the comb was no longer attached to her head.

Thankfully you can’t really tell she received an impromptu hair cut.  But, I beg of you, no more haircuts at home!


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