On Tuesday when I left work, I noticed a large black cloud.  I knew immediately there was a fire in twon.  I called Barbarian to take a look from our deck.  We are so high up on our hill, we can see the entire town.  Turns out the fire was on the south side of town.  About four miles from our house.

My usual route was blocked by traffic and emergency vehicles.  But the time I got home, we could see helicopters had joined in the fight.  This went on for hours.  =(

This is a view of the fire from our deck.

We later learned the fire had started on the east side of the highway and then the strong winds carried it across the road.  Four streets had to be evacuated.  In the end, 11 homes were destroyed.  The police have arrested a homeless man.  He had started a fire for himself that got out of control. 


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