Table Rock

Last Sunday we went on a family hike up and across Upper Table Rock.  Upper and Lower Table Rock are cliff-edged mesa buttes.  At one time, they were a sanctuary for the Takelma Indians.
We saw lots of lizards along the trail up.  And gorgeous wildflowers everywhere!
This is what you find once you reach the top of the trial!  Once on top of Table Rock, it’s a very open, flat mesa.
Barbarian needed to rest…
Sassy, on the other hand, was feeling very powerful!
I love this photo of Barbarian and Sassy with Mt. McLoughlin in the background!
And this?  This is just OMG Becky being OMG Becky.  Enough said.
This is as close as we dared venture to the edge!  Such an amazing view of the Rogue River.  So worth the effort.  We hope to hike Lower Table Rock soon.

One thought on “Table Rock

  1. Alysen

    Hey girl I'm really glad you made this blog so us folks in KC can keep track of you! Hope the "transition" for you and the girls has been ok so far. I may have something good to tell you after Friday afternoon………wish me good luck if you know what I mean!


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