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Mom of two girlies. Hiker. Runner. Nature lover. Vegetarian. Coffee fiend. Music junkie. Bad dancer. Love my big family. Blessed.

Always October

October arrived and seems to have brought fall with it. Though I must say, I am still waiting for the full display of fall colors in the trees here. There are a few trees that have changed, but for the most part things are still green or a bit brown. Boring. But things are looking like autumn in other areas.

Seems our local baseball team is doing okay this year…  ;-)

royals take the crown

If you have read here for very long, you know my family and I make it to a few games every year. It’s always a good time and we are lucky to have so many pro sport options close by. Winning definitely makes it more exciting! It’s been a great ride 29 years in the making. The Royals have always felt like the little team that could. It’s fun to see the rest of the country getting excited and cheering for our boys in blue.

Loyal to the Royals! My birthday is tomorrow and I can’t think of a better gift than winning the World Series. What do you say boys? Continue your 8-game sweep for another 4 games for me? Party likes it’s 1985!

We are also watching a lot of football. My just-turned-six-year-old nephew is playing flag football. His team plays every Saturday morning and we have made it to several games. Nothing cuter than little itty bitty boys chasing each other down the field!

Sassy and I made it out for a trail run yesterday. She’s been busy with her cross country team so we haven’t run together in a while. It was nice to have my running partner back! (I’ll update you on her XC season soon.)

trail run

We saw a few other cars at the trailhead, but didn’t run into a single person. I love having the trail all to ourselves! And we couldn’t have asked for better weather. A bit on the cool side, but full, warm sunshine. Perfection!

We saw a few woolly worms moving about, also.

woolly worm

Two were solid black, one was brown and black. I hope they are wrong! I can’t stand the thought of a long, cold, severe winter.

Soups are back, too! I could live on homemade soups through autumn and winter. So easy, so yummy.

taco soup

Last night’s selection was taco soup. Yes, please! My girls loved this new-to-us recipe. I thought it was pretty good, but think it can be improved. I’ll have to see how I can change it up.

Which team are you cheering for in the World Series? There is only one correct answer!…

What is your favorite soup recipe? Share a link!

What does Fall look like for you?

Forget the Big Picture

Hello Sunshine!


(photo credit: Chris Darling)

I just had an epiphany I wanted to share with you. Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed about my fitness journey. I have so far to go! So many goals I want to accomplish. The idea of it all has been just too much. I didn’t know how to approach any of it.

But this morning I had a thought. I need to forget the big picture! I need to concentrate on right now, today, this moment. I can do things today to feel better tomorrow. I need to stop focusing on what I want long-term and be happy that what I do now makes a difference.

Sort of like the bee in the picture above. He is not just flying around that flower, worried about he is ever going to get all of the pollen. He’s concentrating on one piece, one part at a time. Sooner or later he will get all the pollen. I need to be that honeybee. I need to concentrate on one sweet victory at a time.

Online Lately

Here are a few of my favorite things seen online lately.

These boys! Taylor Swift is dominating my blog! Or at least the last two posts. Here is my favorite remake of her latest song. College boys as Taylor Swift. Who knew?!

This video! Do you remember the Christmas Jammies video I shared with you a few months ago? Well that family is back with a back to school video that is even better! (Link in photo below)

school 1

This Dance! I’m sure you have all seen videos of couples putting on a special, choreographed dance for their guests. Or of the bridemaids and groomsmen dancing down the aisle. Here is a fun video of a groom and his groomsmen dancing for his new bride.

What have you seen online lately that has amused you?

Like Looking in the Mirror

This weekend has been spent getting a few areas of our house more organized. Today OMG Becky and I tackled the closet in our foyer. It had become a landing zone for all things gift wrapping. We are talking boxes, bows, ribbons, paper, bags, and more. It looked like the end result of a four-year old’s birthday extravaganza!

We had music on as per usual. We can’t do anything in this house without music! Things were going swimmingly. We had most of the items out of the closet and then something happened.

And by something, I mean Taylor Swift. The end result was something I can’t really explain. It needs to be seen with your own eyes. But please, watch with caution.

You have been warned.

And to think, I spent good money on years of dance lessons for her. It’s amazing what money can’t can buy!

All kidding aside, OMG Becky is fine with me posting this video. She knows how much I adore her dancing skills. She obviously got them from me!

Taylor’s new song featured in this video… yay or nay? At first I was not a fan, but it’s definitely grown on me. And her video cracks me up!

Music Moves Me

Time to clear out my Shazam tags to make room for some new music!

My current favorite running song. I could listen to it on repeat for way too long.

This song totally makes me think of our family vacation in Florida last month! It felt like every time my girls and I got in the car with my brother, his wife and son this song was on. And of course, we were all obligated to sing along!

Warning: There is some brief nakedness in this one.

Pharrell is on a roll!

Catchy song that I can’t get out of my head.

Fun song that makes me feel old. Ha!

Another song I could listen to on loop.

What music are you loving right now?

At It Again

Here I go again. Messing with my blog design. And I need your help.

I really, really like this one, but I can’t figure out how to get my widgets to show up. Crud.

blog 082914

And the text is HUMONGOUS.

Bare with me as I try to figure all this out.

Any ideas on how to fix the widget issue or text size?

UPDATE: What? It already looks different, you say? Did you blink and miss the other design that was driving me nuts? Ha! You are right, it wasn’t there very long. Me going nuts was a very short trip.

So now on to this design. I love it’s clean, simple look. I think this one will stick around awhile.

What do you think of the new look?

They Find Me Irresistible

Bugs that is.

One of the downfalls of summer? Bugs. Bugs everywhere. And I am not a fan. I always apply bug spray before heading into the woods to avoid becoming life support for ticks. And so far that has worked for me. But I don’t apply it to my face. And gnats and mosquitoes have taken notice. Both Monday and last night on my trail runs, the stupid bugs have swarmed my face. But not OMG Becky’s. What the heck?! Apparently, I exude the special “come hither” sense insects find irresistible.

I told OMG Becky on Monday that I was going to start wearing a beekeepers hat when outside.

 (photo by premus)

I was only half kidding.

Last night was definitely the worse. It wasn’t even just gnats and mosquitoes. It was bigger bugs coming way too close as if I was wearing insect camo or something. I had a large bug dive bomb the back of my neck. You can bet that one scared the crap out of me! Another good-sized one flew into my hand. Then something buzzed so close to my face it touched my bottom lip. One flew into my nose. Luckily, I wasn’t breathing in at the time! And then two more flew into my mouth. My MOUTH, people! I can’t even.

I need to find a bug repellent safe for my face. And maybe a bug-repelling gum. Has anyone invented that? If not, I call dibs. Sounds like a money-making idea to me!

lake, sailboat

At least the views are worth it.

What do you use to keep the bugs at bay?