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About Whine Less

Mom of two girlies. Hiker. Runner. Nature lover. Vegetarian. Coffee fiend. Music junkie. Bad dancer. Love my big family. Blessed.

Online Lately

Here are a few of my favorite things seen online lately.

These boys! Taylor Swift is dominating my blog! Or at least the last two posts. Here is my favorite remake of her latest song. College boys as Taylor Swift. Who knew?!

This video! Do you remember the Christmas Jammies video I shared with you a few months ago? Well that family is back with a back to school video that is even better! (Link in photo below)

school 1

This Dance! I’m sure you have all seen videos of couples putting on a special, choreographed dance for their guests. Or of the bridemaids and groomsmen dancing down the aisle. Here is a fun video of a groom and his groomsmen dancing for his new bride.

What have you seen online lately that has amused you?

Like Looking in the Mirror

This weekend has been spent getting a few areas of our house more organized. Today OMG Becky and I tackled the closet in our foyer. It had become a landing zone for all things gift wrapping. We are talking boxes, bows, ribbons, paper, bags, and more. It looked like the end result of a four-year old’s birthday extravaganza!

We had music on as per usual. We can’t do anything in this house without music! Things were going swimmingly. We had most of the items out of the closet and then something happened.

And by something, I mean Taylor Swift. The end result was something I can’t really explain. It needs to be seen with your own eyes. But please, watch with caution.

You have been warned.

And to think, I spent good money on years of dance lessons for her. It’s amazing what money can’t can buy!

All kidding aside, OMG Becky is fine with me posting this video. She knows how much I adore her dancing skills. She obviously got them from me!

Taylor’s new song featured in this video… yay or nay? At first I was not a fan, but it’s definitely grown on me. And her video cracks me up!

Music Moves Me

Time to clear out my Shazam tags to make room for some new music!

My current favorite running song. I could listen to it on repeat for way too long.

This song totally makes me think of our family vacation in Florida last month! It felt like every time my girls and I got in the car with my brother, his wife and son this song was on. And of course, we were all obligated to sing along!

Warning: There is some brief nakedness in this one.

Pharrell is on a roll!

Catchy song that I can’t get out of my head.

Fun song that makes me feel old. Ha!

Another song I could listen to on loop.

What music are you loving right now?

At It Again

Here I go again. Messing with my blog design. And I need your help.

I really, really like this one, but I can’t figure out how to get my widgets to show up. Crud.

blog 082914

And the text is HUMONGOUS.

Bare with me as I try to figure all this out.

Any ideas on how to fix the widget issue or text size?

UPDATE: What? It already looks different, you say? Did you blink and miss the other design that was driving me nuts? Ha! You are right, it wasn’t there very long. Me going nuts was a very short trip.

So now on to this design. I love it’s clean, simple look. I think this one will stick around awhile.

What do you think of the new look?

They Find Me Irresistible

Bugs that is.

One of the downfalls of summer? Bugs. Bugs everywhere. And I am not a fan. I always apply bug spray before heading into the woods to avoid becoming life support for ticks. And so far that has worked for me. But I don’t apply it to my face. And gnats and mosquitoes have taken notice. Both Monday and last night on my trail runs, the stupid bugs have swarmed my face. But not OMG Becky’s. What the heck?! Apparently, I exude the special “come hither” sense insects find irresistible.

I told OMG Becky on Monday that I was going to start wearing a beekeepers hat when outside.

 (photo by premus)

I was only half kidding.

Last night was definitely the worse. It wasn’t even just gnats and mosquitoes. It was bigger bugs coming way too close as if I was wearing insect camo or something. I had a large bug dive bomb the back of my neck. You can bet that one scared the crap out of me! Another good-sized one flew into my hand. Then something buzzed so close to my face it touched my bottom lip. One flew into my nose. Luckily, I wasn’t breathing in at the time! And then two more flew into my mouth. My MOUTH, people! I can’t even.

I need to find a bug repellent safe for my face. And maybe a bug-repelling gum. Has anyone invented that? If not, I call dibs. Sounds like a money-making idea to me!

lake, sailboat

At least the views are worth it.

What do you use to keep the bugs at bay?

Done Spectating

Friends, get ready for information over-sharing overload. Mercy, this post has been a long time coming. I have really been struggling the last few months with living a healthy lifestyle. It all started back in November when I started a new job that requires a sit a lot more than I was use to. New job also required I work regular business hours. If you have had read this blog before last fall, you would know those are two very new and different things for me.

The first few months I felt like I never knew if I was coming or going. There was never enough time in the day! And all the sitting. Ugh! Hated it. Still do. But then I felt like I was finally getting into a rhythm with things. I was going to the gym most mornings before getting the girls off to school and myself to work. But my eating was not where I really wanted it to be. It wasn’t horrible, but not great. Too many indulgences, too often.

And then mid-June happened. I lost all motivation to workout or care about what I ate. And I really have no idea why, what, when, or how. But the wheels fell off this wagon. I wish there was something that I could look back upon and say, yep that’s it, that’s what happened. But I’ve got nothing. The past several weeks have been a sugar-fueled mess. My weight definitely went up, I had no energy and I was content to be a house slug.

The week before last was our family vacation to Florida with my parents, my youngest brother and his family. This was not a last-minute trip. One would think that would have motivated me to get it together. One would be wrong. I went into this trip hoping the Florida humidity would cause all cameras to produce only blurry photos. Well, Florida let me down and now I have proof of what months of not eating right and less than stellar workout habits can produce.

I’ve spent the last week contemplating what needs to be done here to get moving in the right direction. On the work front, I did the only one thing I really could do. I ordered a stand-up desk. I am now able to stand up for about 90% of my day. (Necessary office equipment requires sitting for the other 10%.) I will also be working on the clinic floor assisting patients with their physical therapy exercises more often again. I did that before, but we’ve had 1-3 PT students each day all summer. Now we are down to just one student for two days a week for another month.

On the food front. I have stocked up on healthy groceries. I can’t eat crap if I don’t buy crap, right? I am also ready to get back to cooking larger meals to be able to have leftovers for quick lunches and dinners. You know how I dislike cooking. And no more drive-thru anything! McDonald’s lures me in with their $1 Diet Coke, but then I can’t leave without ordering a chocolate chip cookie. Have you had one of those? Don’t! They are cookie crack, especially if they are still warm.

That leaves the working out part. I need to just get my butt up out of bed and get moving. Here’s the “funny” part! My body usually wakes me up automatically at 5:00 AM. I could totally get up and go to the gym like I have so many times before. Most days these last few weeks, I even had my clothes laid out for the gym! But then 5:00 AM would roll around, I would wake up, think about getting up, and then instead I would reset my alarm and go back to sleep. Part of this may be due to me having a hard time getting to sleep. It’s so hard to drag myself out of bed at that time, if I didn’t get to sleep until well after midnight. Either way, that habit needs to stop. Maybe I will start putting my alarm/phone in my bathroom instead of on the night stand within arm’s reach. Maybe if I actually have to get out of the bed, I will keep moving.

You may have noticed fewer posts recently. I didn’t feel good about anything and I certainly didn’t want to share that here when I was still processing it all myself. So why share now? Because keeping everything inside is not working for me! And because I don’t want to fool you into thinking things are different from what they really are. I may be private on some things, but I won’t lie about them.

I think one of the things that may help me is getting more organized. I need to just start writing everything down. I ordered a new planner today. I think it will be helpful to see everything written out in black and white in front of me. It will be my personal calendar. We also have a large, wall calendar for my girls to write all of their time commitments on.

Wow, this post has gotten lengthy! To wrap it up, I’m tired of watching life go by and wishing things were different. It’s time to make those changes! I miss “me” if that makes any sense. I plan to share more on each of these areas as things develop. I hope by sharing my challenges, and hopefully successes, it will encourage others to share, too. Most importantly, I want this to be a positive experience for all of us overall. So here’s to the next chapter in this crazy journey!

Tell me what’s going on with you!

I’m So Fancy

What it is about holidays weekend that makes them fly by? They are extended weekends, but seem so short. Maybe it’s all the fun involved?

Saturday morning, I slept in again and it was glorious! Well, I did get up at 6:15 AM to tell OMG Becky “Good Morning” and “Goodbye” before she headed off to work. Then it was back to bed for me for another hour of sleep. So nice!

And then it was off to the woods for Stella and I. The humidity was low and I wanted to eat hike some hills for breakfast.

There were so many flowers in bloom on this particular trail!


I also came across something that I couldn’t figure out what the heck it was…

Snowberry Clearwing Hummingbird Moth

See the yellow and black thing hovering over the purple flower on the left? (I really need a better camera!) At first, I thought it was a bumblebee, but it was hovering and beating it’s wings, so I decided it was a hummingbird. Wrong. Research today determined it was a Snowberry Clearwing Hummingbird Moth. A moth! Such an impostor.

We got a few miles in before the humidity found us. We were hot, dirty, and sticky. Ugh, summer in the Midwest.

I rewarded myself with a pedicure! This color is really had to photograph. (I’m sure it had nothing to do with my photography skills.)

It’s more neon orange in person. It’s going to look great with the tan I plan on getting on vacation here shortly! Sorry Stella, no pawdicure for you this time.

Yesterday after church, OMG Becky and I did a little vacation prep shopping.

sunhats, sunglasses

We are so fancy. She bought her accessories. I did not. I just don’t like how I look in them. None of them. Ever. But I keep trying! Someday I am going to find the hat for me.

Yesterday was also an awesome day because Sassy came home! Happy days are here again! Stella was excited to see her and needed to burn some energy. A trip to the dog park would do it. Sassy had never been. Lucky girl met a boxer that gave her a welcome gift all over her leg as soon as we walked in.

Mmmm, dog drool. I shouldn’t have laughed because 20 seconds later a muddy German Shepard pup larger that Stella jumped on me. It never fails. Dogs love me. I think I’ve told you, I’m not really a dog person, but they keep trying to change my mind.

Another exciting thing about this weekend? I tried a new recipe!

white enchiladas

White Enchiladas! These were delicious. Both of my girls, a friend, and I all really liked them. They will have to make another appearance soon.

Update: These enchiladas do not reheat well. At least not in the microwave! Next time, I will make the same amount, but then divide it up into two smaller casserole dishes, freezing one for a future meal.

Enchiladas. Red or white sauce? White! 

Are you a hat person?